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Prize Ernesto Calindri in Certaldo
Prize Ernesto Calindri in Certaldo

Certaldo has named Ernesto Calindri the theatrical award, for his birthplace in the historic village and for his skills as an actor in theater, film and television.

The 'Premio Ernesto Calindri', is a recognition that is awarded annually to actors and characters of the show in memory of the actor Ernesto Calindri who was born in Certaldo while his parents, theatre actors, they were on tour in Theatre Boccaccio.

Ernesto Calindri

Born in Certaldo in 1909, was an actor of stage, screen and television. Son of artistic parents,he made his debut in the art world when under twenty years old, and since then, until a few months before his death, appearred on the scene of all the best Italian theaters, playing the greatest classics, ancient and modern and also comedies.He was a character that spanned generations and has been well recieved from a variety of audiences. He was also a TV presenter. He died in Milan in June 1999. He was an emblem of local elegance, made of irony and discretion, full of tenacious love for his craft, as he said, "had taught him that the difference between life and theater was thin".