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Wedding Photography in Certaldo Alto
Wedding Photography in Certaldo Alto

Damiano Salvadori is a professional wedding photographer based in Certaldo, a charming medieval village in Tuscany, near Florence and destination chosen by tourists and couples from all over the world to celebrate their marriage.

Several times I asked to myself the reason for such success of Certaldo Alto around the world as a place for weddings.

What usually happens to those who live in an area...we don't realize most of its beauty. I realized that for many years I had stopped looking around, not giving any more importance to all the wonders of this place that surround me and that for centuries it being here to make my village one of the most beautiful in the world.

Not long ago, while driving on a country road that surrounds Certaldo, I asked my wife: "that house with a tree-lined avenue, has it always been there?" and I realized that I hadn't stopped to observe for along time.


So I started to see again...


My beautiful Certaldo, with its upper town and its history, its art and its legends, its countryside all around, the endless hills of vineyards and olive groves, cypress trees and tree-lined avenues in all of its peasant culture, its traditions and its typical products.


I realized that there was no place more beautiful for ones most beautiful day...that's why I also got married there in this village full of history and immersed in a magical atmosphere where time stands still.