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Certaldo Events
Certaldo Events

Mercantia, Elitropia Association, The Fellowship of the Black Dragon, Historical Cortege, Medieval Dinner 

Certaldo hosts a medieval procession 'Nel Sogno di Messer Boccaccio' (In Boccaccio's Dreams) which brings together references from his book is Decameron. Playing homage to the character of Boccaccio and his works, particularly the Decameron - it brings to the stage, through all the arts of the theater, acting, dance, music, fighting, about 180 actors, dancers, acrobats and local extras.

The costumes and the sets are designed and manufactured according to criteria of careful reconstruction of the Middle Ages, especially in the period 1300s. The music and the dances are chosen and created in the period. The whole exhibition is designed to be staged in the historical context of landscaped Certaldo. It takes place in both the upper town (which is decorated and transformed with historial elements) and in the lower town. 

Elitropia (A Cultural Association), aims to promote and encourage the history, origins, culture and traditions of the City of Certaldo and its territory, with particular reference to the figure of Giovanni Boccaccio and to his literary works.

Elitropia  also organise and support:

- The Medieval Dinner: spectacular historical event that takes place in the enchanting atmosphere of Via Boccaccio in Certaldo Alto with a typically medieval menu, with dishes on earthenware and with wooden cutlery served by traditional costumed characters.

- The Weddings with Historical Costumes: a bride and groom may rent dresses for themselves and their family and friends. The assocaition can also orgnanise a small procession with local figures and children throwing flower petals in their path.


Another important activity to mention talking about Certaldo Alto is the Compagnia del Drago Nero  street theatre. The 'Black Dragon' which is used in the festival of Certaldo 'Mercantia' and is created and animated by its founder Leandro Faraoni. With his experience in martial arts and his craftsmanship in the manufacture of iron and wood, he brings to life simple duels with swords and armor, then with more and more beautiful and complex shows like 'Dance of Fire' and numerous other theatrical interpretations.