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Questions and Answers


What is your photographic style?

I work in a reportage style, with a photojournalistic. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible so as not to interfere with your day and ensuring that its totally yours.


What information do you need to know?

Obviously we need dates, times and location details. As you'll probably be busy during your day, I need another key contact that we can call if theres a problem. My reportage style dictates what photographs I can take, therefore please let us know if theres going to be a key event, or you need specific people in the shots. Its also important to note that this is your day, and therefore I'll try to make it a unique and personal as possible.


Do you work only in Tuscany?

No. I travel throughout Italy and abroad. 


Why two photographers?

Because it allows us to see whole situation from two perspectives, so not only the couple but the people around them at the same time.


Will we meet before the wedding?

Sure! Not only to break the ice but also help me find out about your personality and requirements so that this can be reflected in the images. Also, we offer a pre wedding photoshot thats a little less formal and only focuses on the couple.


Are the albums inclusive?

No. I am in the business of taking good quality photos only. These 'extas' don't really interest me. However due to the amount of options, I can assist and organise the production on your behalf if interested. For more information view my album page.


Do you make video?

No, I focus exclusively on photography so I can deliver the highest quality images. I'm not jack of all trades, master of none.  

I collaborate with some video makers that I trust and work in a similar reportage style. Some examples can be found on my video page.


How long does it take for delivery of the images? 

The delivery of the DVD is usually after 4/6 months. The DVD includes all photos taken at high resolution, plus my selection of key images that have been post produced. My selection of images is based on key events during your day. Obviously you can ask the post-production of other photos are not selected. Not a problem!


How much does it cost?

It 's very difficult to establish a price in advance because every marriage is different. Please contact me to discuss your ideas.

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